The Lovely Couple

Your heart is beating, and your fingers nervously reach into your back pocket.

You pull out a ring that had taken you almost a year and a half to select. With all of your preparation, there is only one way you want the night to end, and you have been dreaming of their positive response. “Will you marry me?” They look up to you with glistening eyes as they fill with tears, a smile erupts upon their lips.

Your special someone has been acting suspicious for the past few weeks. There is a hint of mischief in their eyes, and they reach into a back pocket. You two have been talking about your future for a while, and you wonder if something is about to change. It is time to make a big decision. Your heart is beating. They sit and wait. They are looking at you with love and devotion. Your mouth opens, and your answer emerges, “I will”.

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