About Us

Our philosophy is to illuminate the unseen, unveil unknown ignorance, and open the eyes to once unrealized opportunity.

We are creative photographers

Born in South-Western Ontario, Alexa and Emily currently reside in Sarnia-Lambton County. As recent graduates of Lambton College, Digital Photography, they are currently working on producing family generations portraits and wedding photography as well as family and lifestyle photography.

In keeping with our mission, we promote the highest quality of imagery through advanced photographic techniques and an exceptional twist on the average, everyday design. We take pride in our work that is constantly growing as we keep our vision centered.


Alexa is an outgoing hardworking individual that is always pushing the limits to go above and beyond. She makes it her mission to push the boundaries to create more interesting pieces of art.

Emily is always open to avant-garde ideas that will broaden horizons in the effort to bring forth new and transformative concepts. Through her focused energy, she achieves high standards in the creative world with her dedication to hard work and drive, with a twist of artistry.


Dad Jokes
Guitar Shredding
Dancing Queen
Lyric Encyclopedia
Dinners Burned


Swearing Ability
Granny Knitting Skills
Pinterest addict
DIY Master
Perfect Joke Execution

Alexa Manser
Photographer & Business Specialist
Emily Hussey
Photographer & Creative Backbone

Best of the best

We offer individualized services, contemporary lighting, and creative perspectives in order to achieve these goals. While keeping the client’s vision in mind, we aspire to meet their needs and surpass conventional methods by state-of-the-art technology and intuitive thinking.